Artists books

Russell Maret, New York City, USA


A Pattern Book of Cadiz Ornaments, 2020



Patterns made from 2 metal pieces engraved and cast by Ed Rayher at Swamp Press printed in multiple colours on a variety of vintage hand and mould made papers Housed in an acrylic slipcase.

Edition of roughly 90, 160 x 235mm.

£265 (plus P&P and insurance)

Roma Abstract, 2017



Russell Maret’s 'Roma Abstract' is the artist’s recreation of the alphabet into new geometric symbols, borrowing from Greek, Etruscan, and Roman alphabetical marks. Developed during his studies at the American Academy in Rome, Maret’s project began when he displayed his painting of a circle in his studio. Maret noted this work becoming typecast, repeatedly perceived by others as a letter ‘O’ due to his interest in typography. The artist decided to complete the alphabet, painting the other 25 characters onto wood. 'Roma Abstract' collects together these ‘monumental forms’, using translucent paper to give each letter a communal and layered dimension with the context of its neighbours.

60 pages, 400 x 300mm. Printed letterpress from photopolymer plates by Nancy Loeber. The paper is 30lb. Chartham Translucent, stab-sewn into black Plike covers.

Edition of 116. The book is housed in a frosted acrylic slipcase made by Canal Plastics.

Signed by the artist.

£470 (plus P&P and insurance)

Some Problems with Red, Encountered by Russell Maret While Daydreaming in His Studio and Here Explored With the Aid of Multichromatic Letterpress, 2016




Five short texts about the difficulties of describing and reproducing colour, each of which is paired with an illustration. As the title suggests, the book is a whimsical project that grew out of RM’s ‘General Color Theory’ in 'AEthelwold Etc'. In it Maret continues his recent exploration of alternatives to the photopolymer image-making techniques that he has been using for the last eight years.

100 copies printed on Zerkall paper, bound by Craig Jensen, and housed in a plexiglass slipcase.

Signed copy from the edition.

See a selection of pages from the book on our Instagram feed.

£320 (plus P&P and insurance)