Artists books

Reinhold Nasshan / Einhand Press, Landau, Germany




Bing/Ping by Samuel Beckett, 2010

Nasshan like Beckett is a lover of language, the musicality and absurdity of language. Here are the French and English editions of ‘Bing’ and ‘Ping’ side by side, with typical Nasshan typography which stresses the ‘Bings’ and ‘Pings’ and the many appearances of the words ‘blanc’ and ‘white’. Beckett wrote the French version first, the English translation appearing a year later in 1967.

Unique book, 212 x 155mm, two leporellos, digitally printed on translucent paper glued to front and back boards covered with black cloth with metallic foil confectionery trays also glued front and back, contained within a black box which has tin foil glued to the lid and scored at the edges.

£400 (plus P&P and insurance)


Unreadable Usylessly Blue Book, 2007
James Joyce: Finnegans Wake 1/179–182

Six cyanotype prints with text from Finnegans Wake, set and printed by Reinhold Nasshan at the Einhand Press in Landau, Germany. Binding with exposed spine between boards sided with paper, with 5 blue suede strips covering kettle stitching and sewing stations by Silvia Schreiber.

25 pages, 300 x 215mm, unique book signed and dated by the artist.


Unreadable Usylessly Blue Book won the London Art Book Fair 2011 Award for Excellence from the Birgit Skiold Memorial Trust and was purchased for the National Art Library at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

This unique book was purchased by Reed Contemporary Books from the artist at the Codex Fair in Berkeley California in February 2011.