Artists books

Kate Bernstein, Bath, UK


In One Volume, 2021


Produced for the project Dante: Libri Nuovi – for the celebration of the work and life of Dante in this the 700th year since his death, is a multi-layered response to Dante’s Commedia and the translators and artists who have been inspired by it. With an interplay of abstraction and colour, which includes drawing after Botticelli, the heraldic red and silver of the Florentine Guelphs and text in the vernacular. The book has a three-part structure; a case binding with a leather tie closure contains a folio, within which is a concertina with a projecting central form that implies a book. The tie is printed with Cayley’s translation of Inferno, Canto V, in which Minos wraps his tail around a sinner, signifying to which circle of Hell he should be sent.

Edition 12, 235 x 160mm (concertina ext. 540 x 210mm).

£95 (plus P&P and insurance)

Uccello's Woman, 2015



Uccello’s famous triptych, The Battle of San Romano, has an all male cast of characters. 'Uccello’s Woman' places the image of a woman centrally and considers what lies beneath, in front, and around the static image of an ideal woman.

Unique book, 4pp, 38 x 24cm. Relief print with pastel in soft leather binding with tooling.

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£195 (plus P&P and insurance)

Uccello's Formula II, 2016




Bernstein, currently studying for an MA in printmaking at the University of West England Bristol, studied fine art at Goldsmiths in the 1980s before completing an MA in medieval studies at Bristol University. She has used all her knowledge and skills to produce two superb books which pay homage to the 15th-century artist Paolo Uccello. The three texts in this book are a description of 'The Battle of San Romano' and the commissioning of the paintings, Uccello’s formula and a variation on Vasari’s description of Uccello.

Unique book, 11pp, 48.5 x 33 x 1.5cm. Screenprint and collage on Simili Japon. Folio bound in cloth and calf with embossed circles.

£300 (plus P&P and insurance)